Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Scraps! I-Spy scraps!

I know, I know... I have been quiet for a while which is not really the best idea when building up a new blog from scratch, but I hope you bear with me - for a bit at least.

I don't really have started a new project, but I've been sketching quite some stuff lately.

Whenever I am at work, I try to put all my ideas on paper (which makes my colleagues frown everynow and then since they don't share any of my "obsessions" - neither for old computers nor for sewing. So they never really understand why the heck I spend so much time with that stuff... but anyway: I love it!

Lately, I had signed up for two I-spy swaps.

You dunno what that is?
Well, to make a long story short:
- find 10 fabrics with cute little objects on them which will surely make kids smile
- cut 20 4" x 4" squares out of each fabric
- mail them to the one who's hosting the swap
- get back 200 squares, all different
- start sewing a wonderful and cute quilt for your kids, yourself or as a present......

Wanna see what I've mailed in for both swaps?

Here I what I mailed in for swap #1 (which was a double-swap with 20 fabrics, 20 squares out of each, total of 400 squares):

...and this was the second swap (200 squares "only"):

I am so very very curious what fabrics I will get back. There are a gazillion cute fabrics all over the world and I am sure that everyone who joined the swaps picked the cutest stuff that could be found :)

Oh, and I guess this is the point where I should "reveal" who is responsible for my newly occurred addiction to patchwork and quilting...

To make yet another long story short:
When browsing around, I found Care's blog.

Her work was so amazingly good and her tutorials were so inspiring - but the most important thing to me was: she made a tutorial called "1st Quilt ever" where she explained everything so detailed that I just could not resist and had to start myelf...

She makes difficult things look so easy and she has so many cute ideas - just inspiring whenever she posts something.

Go and visit her blog and maybe leave a comment if you love some of her projects - she'll be happy... I'm pretty sure about that!

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

cutting fabric..... what I have done all evening.

Why? Because I'm joining my first I-Spy swap over at Hendrixville. Actually, it'll be two swaps that I'm joining since Crystal is hosting a triple (!!!) swap.

I have never done that before and it's the first time ever that I cut fabric with my brandnew Omnigrid Quilter's ruler... pretty exciting!

...and look at all those lovely fabrics here:

< picture> (to be added soonish....)

I just can't wait to see what fabrics the others have chosen and - what is even more important - to see what others will do with the fabrics that I bought.

Hopefully the others will like the cute little motifs as much as I do.... we'll see and I will keep you informed on this ;)

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

PacMan cushions!

Finally! Project PacMan is done! - 7 cute retro-style cushions!

I have no clue how many hours of work I put into this, but it was definitely worth it!

(for a larger version click here)

The dots are 15cm high, the ghosts and PacMan himself 32cm each.
They were sewn from super-soft fleece fabric, with ironed Vliene on the left side of the fabric, so that they will not wear out too quickly since the fleece is stretchable.
The eyes were appliqued to the ghosts' heads with super-narrow zig-zig stitches to make them last longer.
They are filled with 6cm thick foam material and have a black border to make them look a bit more video-game-like since the game had a black background.
In the middle of the border, in each single one of these cushions, there is a zipper, hidden unter the fabric so that you can barely see it. This gives you a perfect chance to actually wash the pillowcases without the foam material.

Sadly, I did not take pictures during the process of sketching the patterns, cutting the fabric and sewing these little friends... but of anyone is interested in a tutorial, I'll be glad to help out!