Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Scraps! I-Spy scraps!

I know, I know... I have been quiet for a while which is not really the best idea when building up a new blog from scratch, but I hope you bear with me - for a bit at least.

I don't really have started a new project, but I've been sketching quite some stuff lately.

Whenever I am at work, I try to put all my ideas on paper (which makes my colleagues frown everynow and then since they don't share any of my "obsessions" - neither for old computers nor for sewing. So they never really understand why the heck I spend so much time with that stuff... but anyway: I love it!

Lately, I had signed up for two I-spy swaps.

You dunno what that is?
Well, to make a long story short:
- find 10 fabrics with cute little objects on them which will surely make kids smile
- cut 20 4" x 4" squares out of each fabric
- mail them to the one who's hosting the swap
- get back 200 squares, all different
- start sewing a wonderful and cute quilt for your kids, yourself or as a present......

Wanna see what I've mailed in for both swaps?

Here I what I mailed in for swap #1 (which was a double-swap with 20 fabrics, 20 squares out of each, total of 400 squares):

...and this was the second swap (200 squares "only"):

I am so very very curious what fabrics I will get back. There are a gazillion cute fabrics all over the world and I am sure that everyone who joined the swaps picked the cutest stuff that could be found :)

Oh, and I guess this is the point where I should "reveal" who is responsible for my newly occurred addiction to patchwork and quilting...

To make yet another long story short:
When browsing around, I found Care's blog.

Her work was so amazingly good and her tutorials were so inspiring - but the most important thing to me was: she made a tutorial called "1st Quilt ever" where she explained everything so detailed that I just could not resist and had to start myelf...

She makes difficult things look so easy and she has so many cute ideas - just inspiring whenever she posts something.

Go and visit her blog and maybe leave a comment if you love some of her projects - she'll be happy... I'm pretty sure about that!

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