Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Shopping Spree!!!

I know, I know - I have been way too quiet the past few weeks...

First, I was on vacation in Croatia (and could not bring my sewing machine with me - dang!), and then I went back to work where it seemed like the whole 3 1/2 weeks that I had been off my chief added more work to my huge pile - but anyway: I'm back!

Today, I went on a fabric market.

Fabric usually is pretty expensive in Germany (quilt-weight fabric is usually around 18€ per meter). This maket today was Dutch-only (well, almost at least...) and their fabric is incredibly cheap and so cute...

Wanna see what I bought? Here you go:

(for a larger version click here)

Look at all the funny prints on the right - they will make adoreable I-Spy-squares - I am pretty sure ;)

And the batiks are just adorable - too bad that the colors on the picture are not even close to what they look like... they are so vivid.

I have so many ideas what to make from all this stuff, but I guess the first thing I have to do is to sew a dress for a wedding I'm invited to... a black dress... not my choice *sighs* - but I'll add a bright turquoise scarf and a huge flower made from the same fabric... that should make it look less like I'm going to a funural....... (at least I hope so)

Now, what would you do with those fabrics? Any suggestions? (The seersucker is reseved for the kids already... eventhough they are boys, they jumped on those candy colors :)

I'd love to see your comments

P.S.: I have one tutorial to write and working on another one at the moment... I will post way more the next few weeks - I promise ;) (I didn't say something like that before, did I??!!)

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