Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Excuses galore

Hello everyone.

Yeah, I know... I promised not to be absent for such a long period of time again, but I just could not get back to my blog, back to writing and so on.

I have been going through some hard times lately and they are still going on, but if I don't get myself to do something to clear mymind and to relax, I will never get back to my old creativity.

After realizing that something that I got hooked on will just not be, all my plans for the future are falling to pieces, actually all my life is falling to pieces. I really can't tell you about all the details, but let's just say that love and hope alone are never enough to keep things going.

But that's the point where I want to get back to blogging:

A few weeks ago, I found a really great quote on the internet (sorry folks, I can't remember where I found it...)

"When your life falls to pieces, try quilting."
And you know what? It's kinda true.
Whenever something seemed to fall apart, I started to sew again... all different things, not only clothes and home decoration, everything.

I haven't been quilting since the beginning of this year around May I think.
Then I read Care's blog and thought that I can do this too.

Said and done:I got started cutting itty bitty pieces of fabric and see what I have done with them:

Due to me not knowing techniques to sew a bit faster and to save time on cutting and sewing, I ended up cutting 768 tiny 2,5" squares out of my fabric and sewd them together again. Yes, I know: I coulkd have saved such a bunch of time by cutting strips, sewing two or three together and cutting them afterwards, but I just did not know.

Anyway: I really like it how the quilttop turned out (sorry for me being too lazy to iron the top before taking that last picture).

By now, the quilttop is still rolled up and lying on my closet. I fear to actually quilt itnsince I haven't quilted anything before.

I'm planning to try my quilting skills on some placemats and mug rugs before, but this is still in the "needs to be done" queue.

Before I left the blog for such a long time, I wrote that I have a tutorial ready to be written down and posted. I am working on that one now and I hope that I can post it later on this weekend, but you never know what happens, so I can't promise that.

Perhaps I'll just go and be a bit productive now, sew some small things that I could show you later on.

I'm aiming for at least one posting each week now. Hopefully I can reach that goal.

Thanks for reading my words here.


P.S.: Oh, and I would just *L*O*V*E* to hear your comments on my first quilttop.

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