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Jelly Roll Quilt: Moda Hometown by Sweetwater

Ok... I actually did someting today - even if it took me ages since I can neither sew fast nor concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes in a row - but: I DID IT!

I made a 1600" Jelly Roll quilt. (Well, the top at least...)

I guess you have heard about this before, sometimes it's just calles the 1600" quilt or it's called the "Jelly Roll Race" (race since it apparently can be done in about 45 minutes...)

My start was somewhen in the morning around 10 after being back home from an appointment with the doc who told me once again: "Relax, baby!" - well, I tried to do so and started to sew.

Last Friday at the quiltshow, I bought the Moda Hometown Jellyroll by Sweetwater (remember??)
Well, not that long ago, one of my favorite channels on youtube posted a tutorial about a quilt that could be done quite quickly by just sewing strips together.

Those of you who are quite much into quilting surely have heard about the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and of their wonderful and fun tutorials on their youtube channel (if you quilt, please subscribe to their channel - they always have wonderful ideas for precuts... and no, this is NOT a sponsored post...)

I used one of their tutorials, the "Jelly Roll Race! A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour!", my beloved Bernina aurora 440 with my brandnew SewEzi portable sewing table and the Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda fabrics Jelly Roll. (I added a link to Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s shop because they have the largest selection of precuts ever! Check that out!)

I unwrapped my jellyroll and looked through the fabrics.
Only one strip was included twice in the roll, and it was a red solid one. Since I did not want it to be lined up with the same other red strip, I mixed the red ones around a bit and ended up with no matching fabrics touching each other at all.
I fiddled around with some other fabrics as well, so I did not follow the youtube tutorial entirely, but I guess you can do whatever you want with this tute - it will look darling anyway!

I did not take many pictures during the sewing process since I either forgot about it or thought "Hey, they could actually watch Jenni Doan's tutorial on youtube!" :)

sewing the strips together

now up: clipping the chain-pieced strips and cutting the seam allowances back to about 1/4"

the first seam: 800 Inches of wonderful fabric

I must confess that I did not follow the tutorial that much. There was nothing said about setting the seams or pressing the seam allowances anywhere, but since I tend to be too correct sometimes, I went to the ironing board after each seam, set the seam and pressed it to the dark side (as far as there was a dark side...)
To reduce bulk where the strips were sewn together, I pressed those seams open.

That's about it about where I did not follow the tutorial.
I ended up spending way more time than just 45 minutes on that quilttop, but that was due to many reasons that were just related with me, my allover condition at the moment and about the fact that I learned that seams have to be set and pressed towards the dark side before going on with sewing... ;) (I remember that once I went to a quilting class, I was kinda appalled by the fact that the teacher told me to sew on without setting the seams and pressing the seam allowances... guess what - I went on teaching myself from reading blogs and, well, Jenni Doan's tutorials...)

Well, I guess here is what you have been waiting for: my finished quilttop \o/ Hooray!

Actually, it's not finished yet. I think it needs a border before I can go and quilt it (oh dear... I start shivering when I thing about actually quilting it myself - I should really practice a bit before taking this big step...)
I have no clue about which fabric I will choose for the border and binding - well, I don't think that I will choose it myself... that will be up to my beloved Harry (since he's a graphics designer and doesn't agree with me that ofthen when it comes to "which fabric looks good and which doesn't" - as long as he picks it from this line, we will both be satisfied - at least I hope so)

The backing will not be pieced.
A while ago I bought a huge bolt of flannell in a very light shade of cream - it fits perfectly to the Hometown prints so I will use that one and get rid of a bit of my stash :)

I will keep you posted on my progress on this quilt.

Now, once again:
This is not a sponsored post. I just love the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and I give credit where credit is due - that's all.

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  1. Really like this, I'll have to try it one of these days!! You have to post again once it's complete with quilting!!