Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Main Quiltfestival 2012

Hello again...

After being a bit quiet here recently, I want to send you a small lifesign from my end of the world.

I have been quite ill lately and I'm still struggling with myself to find back to normal, but I think that I am on a good way there.

The thing you need the most to get well - at least in my case - is to relax.
And for me, nothing is more relaxing than being creative, being able to sew and create something with my own hands.

Unfortunately, I haven't even been able to sew on my machine lately, but things are getting better and better. A few days ago, I have sewn new drapes for my kitchen (I am planning to blog about that one of the next days). That was my first start getting back on my beloved Bernina. (And I hope that I'll be able to do some quilting again quite soon...)

Well, last Friday, the 24th, I went to one of the quiltshows that we have over here in Germany: The Main-Quiltfestival takes place in Aschaffenburg, a neither small nor big town in the middle of Germany. To be honest: if you're not a quilter, there is nothing much to see in that town. (There is the Nähwelt Machemer, one of the biggest quiltshops in Germany and the Nähzentrum Flach, one of Germany's biggest shops for sewing machines - but that's about it what can be seen there...)

Anyway: do you want to know what all I found at the quiltshow? Here you go:

That's a small overview of what I have bought there... everything that you see (yes, including the SewEzi table which I had on my wishlist for quite a while now)

A few fat quarters, a few full yards, even two yards of the dot-print by Bernatex: Space, The New Frontier, phases of the moon, blue.

I did not buy any fabric for a specific project (except the yellow ones), but I love to work with turquoise colored fabrics, so I think there will be lots of projects in the future where I can use up my new stash.

One fabric was picked by my son Clark, who is almost as much into sewing as I am. He picked the "Sweet Dreams" by Hoffman international fabrics and told me that he wanted a pillowcase from that one - and he just turned 4! I love the fact that at least one of my twins is a bit like me when it comes to sewing...

But all in all I must say tht I was happy about the fact that my mom was with me at the quiltshow.
I mean - I am everything else but doing well at the moment and I would not have had the chance to go there if my mom wouldn't have spent the time with me.

Thanks mom for being there and helping out in a time of my life where I definitely need ya.

(oh and by the way: the "not so interested in sewing" one of my twins went for a walk with his grandpa - complaining that he would have preferred to join his mommy at the quiltshow... yeah, sure I believe him... he was just too lazy to move his feet...)

Hehe - I just realized that I did not write anything about the quiltshow itself...
Well, I can't say that much because I neither wasn't in that much of a good condition that I could actually walk around a bit more to see the exhibitions of the artist quilts nor did I attend any workshops.
In fact, the 90 minutes I stayed there were too much already and I was kinda glad that I found quite some fabric in that short amount of time.
I was especially happy about the fact that I found a Moda - Hometown jellyroll. I tink that this will be one of my next projects to work on - and to blog about...

Thanks for reading my blog.

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