Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Allietare Love!

Tick tock tick tock!

Oooooh, the clock is ticking and I hope that I won't be too late to share my Allietare progress.

What? You haven't heard about Allietare yet? How in the world did that happen?

Well, Allietare is, or rather: was, the Quiltville Winter Mystery Quilt 2015.

Quiltville is Bonnie Hunter's blog - and if you are a quilter, you just HAVE to check it out! But be careful: I became a "Bonnie addict" right after I read her blog for the first time.
You will *L*O*V*E* her!
You will love her way of writing about quilting, teaching, travelling and life.
You will love her generosity, her kindness, her love for the little things and her humor.
You will love how much you can learn from her when you thought that you already knew everything about quilting.
Just make sure to check out her blog!
With this post, I am linking up with her blog - along with a bunch of other people who joined the mystery - so check this post and see what the pattern looks like in other color combinations - sewn from quilters all over the world!
And right after that, check out the rest of the blog - maybe get yourself a good cup of coffee, switch off the doorbell and unplug your phone. You really don't want anyone to disturb you for the hours to follow.

Now, back to the topic!
I kept up with the clues #1 to #4 this year - and then life kinda threw me off at clue #5.
Sadly, I never wrote a blog entry about Allietare earlier - I just couldn't get myself to start writing again.

I have spent too many hours working on this fabulous quilt to keep it all for myself (well, for my mom actually because it'll be hers as soon as it is completely finished).

I'll start with my progress as it is right now:

All 50 blocks, 18 setting triangles and 4 setting corners are finished, neatly pressed and waiting to be spread out on the floor so that they can be arranged before being sewn together as a top.

This is the first time that I have gotten that far with a mystery quilt within such a short amount of time (for a mother of 8 year old twins, 2,5 months isn't really all that much when trying to sew such a huge quilt - well, at least for me it isn't) - and I am really proud of it.

Now it's just the thing that I usually lose my motivation at this point.
All blocks are sewn. All points match. Everything came out the right size.
Sewing together the top now is just "doing" - and the thing that is my almost least favorite thing about quilting - right after pressing HSTs open...

Now, what will keep me motivated? THIS!

I have just spread out a few blocks on my table (the only place in my appartment where I have decent light at this time of the day, shortly before midnight here in good ol' Germany).

Let's spell it together:

For me, it is almost unbelieveable how one woman can come up with such amazing designs each and every year - for free! (No longer though. If you haven't played along while it was a mystery you'll have to buy the pattern now for 8 USD which is a steal, seriously!)

Since 2011 I have been sewing along, but mostly I started right after the reveal because I could not decide about the colors.
This year, I went out and bought some "not too expensive" fabric because I knew that I only needed a light and a medium to dark accent colors, along with white/neutral, light grey and black.
Easy peasy: My mom loves purple - off I went to find the disired colors and there was no chance that the quilt wouldn't turn out to look wonderful.
Why? Because: Bonnie tells you in the beginning which colors need to stand out against each other. You get the names of colors on color sample cards that you can find at Lowes so that you have something on hand to audition fabrics, to get an idea about how light or how dark the colors need to be - you get everything that you need to make your own color choices, even if you jump far outside of the box and go for completely different colors.

Just take your time and check out all the other wonderful variations of "Allietare" that people have shared in the linky on Bonnies blog.

I have loved all the mysteries since my first one in 2011 which was called "Orca Bay" which is now a pattern in one of Bonnie's books, String Fling.
If you ask me which one was my favorite?
I don't know. Seriously.
All the mysteries have been so different.
Each and every year, Bonnie comes up with a big, fat, huge surprise, but she keeps things simple and makes blocks with more than 40 pieces easy and doable - even for beginners!

Really, check out her blog - and if you ever have the chance, take one of her classes, you won't regret it!
I took 3 classes so far and I would not hesitate to take another 20 if she was somewhere near ("somewhere" near would be anywhere in Europe...)

Thanks for reading all my yadda yadda.

I am sending out a whole lot of Allietare Love to all of you!

By from good ol'd Germany!



  1. Janina, I love your quilt, what a lucky mum! I felt quite out of breath reading about your making of this quilt in such a short time. From a fellow clock watcher, although for me it was the afternoon.

  2. You have made a beatifull quilt, I love your chosen colours.